Friday, April 30, 2010

A kite with its thread...

Papa..I want to fly as  kite, kite of your dreams, kite of your love, kite of your proud.

12 am, 20 december...The very special day for me..yeah actually not special, its very important day of my life because my birth is related to this day as the thread with is kite. So, This the story of a kite and its thread.
Hey! people, we all know that every kite's thread wants to attach with its kite for the whole life. They want to fly together in any situation and want to achieve the highest pinnacle of the sky. They are attached to each other with thier emotions and feelings. Fly together and enjoy the most memorable moment of their life and the journey continues like many matches together of thier life.
"won!!" kite said with a great joy on her face.
"yes, We have done it again" thread said with so much proud.
Matches continues.........
and thier have won the whole sky
After 20 years...there was a match in the sky and this kite and thread wanted to go for the match but this time the enery level of thread has been low now, So he wants that his kite should get the another thread filled of extreme love and energy and don't want to fight for his kite this time, he now have lovely idea in his mind.
The sky was very beautiful that day and prepared with so many kites and thread in colourful sky, this day the kite was looking gorgeous and beautiful having so many dreams with her, she wanted to enter the sky now.
with same time thread had a look to her kite and finds the most lovable and caring thread for his cute kite and thinking about the golden future of his kite with that thread.
Now, the time has come, and the matches start in the sky..........................................................................
fighting!! fighting!! fighting!! fighting!! with another threads in the sky and in mean thread couldn't regain his energy and loose his kite and the kite flied away towards the another thread......
That thread called thread2 of her life who is caring, strong and lovable.

12 Am, 20 dec 2008, these thoughts came in my mind and i was thinking that day "the relation of kite and thread is quite strange!!"    because thread is you "papa"
kite is your "beti" and the thread2 is your "beti's life partner" and the most important day is "YOUR BIRTHDAY, yes!! this day is your birthday papa" HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You are my thread and I am your kite,
I can fly papa the whole night.
You know my whole is so bright,
as you always are with my side.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

mera aur aapka rishta....

My life and your love is connected to each other as the connection between moon and night, both are complete when they both are together,i love you papa..
rahega aapka sapna meri aankho tale,
chahe kyun na meri raatein aur din jale...

rahega aapka pyar mere dil k tale,
chahe meri dhadhkanoo to tej dhadkna pade...

rahege aapka vishwass meri saansoon tale,
chahe kyun na koi kurbaani mujhe deni pade...

rahega aapka aur mera saath mere aanchal tale,
chahe kyun na mujhe tej hawao se gujarna pade...