Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I know, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step....

Mili hai mujhe aapse bas ek prerna,
ab toh dil mei hai bas ek chetna.....

Sajegi yahan bhi khwaboo ki baraat,
hogi yahan bhi  madham madham barsaat..

mili hai mujhe aapse bas ek prerna,
ab toh dil mei hai bas ek chetna.....

Haar toh chupi hoti hai mann k andar,
par jo haarkar jeete, wahi sikandar....

mili hai mujhe aapse bas ek prerna,
ab toh dil mei hai bas ek chetna...

Aashaayein ka yoon toh mail nahi..
icchayein, aashaayein bankar  jeeti nahi..

mili hai mujhe aapse bas ek prerna,
ab toh dil mei hai bas ek chetna...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

mai, aap aur humare khwaab, sapne aur saansein...

   Ankhon k khwaabo se lipti yeh saansein,
  keheti hain agar na ho sake sapne pure..,,,
to reh jayenge in aankhon k har khwaab adhure...

Aankhon k aasoon se lipti yeh saansein
keheti hain agar na jhilmilaye khawwbo k sitare...
to bikharkar jayenge hamare har khwaabo k nazarein...

Ankhe jab khulti hain to ek naye khwaab k saath, band hoti hain toh ek naye khwaab k saath..kyun?
abhilashayen na ho agar,toh yeh khwaab bhi na ho...
aur agar yeh khwaab na toh aankhe adhuri si lagti hain...

isliye un aankho ke khwaab toh 'mai' hoon.
unki har ek nazaron ka daaman 'mai' hoon.
aapki har ek saans se judi 'mai' hoon.
            aur yeh aankhe aap ho

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aise kyun.....???

Sometimes...i feel that i am goin away from you...why?? is this just a phase of life or something else..?? But whateva be the case...i cant live without you papa........ :) :) :) :):)

Aapki Aankho ka noor hoon,
fir bhi aapse kitna door hoon.

Aapke dil ka tukda hoon,
fir bhi aapse kitna ukhda hoon.

Aapke sapno ka jahaj hoon,
fir bhi aapse aise kyun naraaz hoon.....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The day with you and ice-cream

Hmmm...after very long time, I have a opportunity to write and post..Thanks to my beautiful mind who now want to think and write accordingly.....Now i come to my today's actual writing about a 'day' , day is wednesday, 16th june 10...The day was very normal as other days...and our sun gave its almost all the heat to earth after 11 a.m. My NTPC office didn't allow the trainees for this day as there was some kinda meeting at this i had a holiday with sun rays and my lonely fan in my temporary home.
Tiffin system is very popular for the employees these days and this system also implented in my tempo home and i was preyed by its fully yummy n dummy food...As the day went to its end..i mean  at 8 o clock at night, me and papa finished us yummy tiffin with the *lobia* and *karela*.. Now you can imagine how my summer funk goes on  with this...anyways life neva stops for nything and now at 9 P.M. we went to the *hanumaan mandir* for pray and the faridabad market No 1.
After the praying in hanumaan temple, i need some joy to overcome that boring i asked papa for the icecream..he said- "Are abhi ice-cream khaoge fir hot milk pioge...nai sahi nahi rahega..chodo kabhi aur kha lena". my nose arose to my eyes side and i saw to papa side..and said " papa kya meri life to boring si bankar reh gayi hai..."
then papa said-" kya boring hai ismei?? you should be more disciplined"
my heads lines turn to collect at center point and smile went away like how much i bear the *julm* of *jamana* and turn to papa side and said-" aise kya papa, aap uncle logo ko ice cream acchi nahi lagti hai to ismei mera kya kasoor hai?"
he smiled and said-"ohho!! you really wanna change in your regular days".
he saw here and there and after 5 minutes he said-"there is no ice cream parlour my what??" In that 5 minutes in which he saw here and there, i imagined my hands with cone of chocolate icecream...but again my face turned to the sad phase and looked at papa and said- "khair koi baat nai papa, mai kabhi aur try karungi."
we went further to our one corner..papa exclaimed suddenly-"hey!! ice cream parlour here"
" love you really great..Atlast you found one for me..thanks".i said
my imagination with the chocolate cone came true at 9:30 P.m.
and atlast that chocolate cone make my day beautiful as i shared my *ice-cream masti* first time with Papa not with my friends ...felt like i shared my hostel life with my Papa..Thanks to god!!
Though that icecream and you papa makes my day,
and for this lovely day, no one can so much pay...........!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

mothers day special...

For all the ladies who are mother, mother from their heart. A mother feeds her baby as a gardener feed his garden daily to make his garden the most beautiful and healthy.
9th May 2010....
"Maa"......This small word has a very vast meaning.
I know i cannot define it in two or three sentences only...but there are some thoughts which pops out, and wanna write about a "Maa"

 Maa... you are the one who born me.
Maa... you are the one who define me..
then how can i define you???
but you are the one who teaches me..
you are the one who cares about me..
Maa... you are the one who loves me..
Maa.. you are the one who understands me..
Maa.. you are the one who fights for me.. are the one who watches me.. are the one who is happy for me.. are the one who brings me... are the one who draw me...
Maa.. you are the one who accept me..
i are the one who only made for me..

Love you "Maa.."

ek kahani..........
kab yeh chota sa paudha ped ban gaya...pata hi nahi chala lekin uski parvarish ne aisa pyar aur dulaar diya ki yeh ped chaya bhi de sakta hai..vo apne paudhe k liye jaan bhi de sakti hai..
kahani hai yeh paudhe aur ped ki jismei samaya tha ek rishta...
rishta pyar ka....rishta dulaar ka..rishta ek maa aur ek bacche ka...
ek maali roz apne bagiche ko seechti thi...bade hi pyar aur dulaar k saath...roz use accha khilati aur pilati aur roz nayi dhoop ki kiran bhi use bagiche mei bahut se paudhe the...un mei se ek paudhe ka naam tha "shano" use bahut lagav aur pyar tha apni maali se aur uske bina vo jee nahi sakta tha..aur maali bhi use behadd pyar karti thi. vo dono hi ek dusre k bina adhure the....achanak ek din bagiche mei aag lag gayi aur shano ko bahut chot aayi..shanoo ne maali ko bahut daanta ki usne uska thik se khayal nahi rakha isliye vo jhakhmi ho gaya....lekin maali toh bahut hi udaas tha aur usne shano ko bahut pyar aur dulaar se seencha aur use hasht pusht banaya...lekin shano ko apni galti ka ehsaas nahi tha...ek din maali bagiche ko chodakr hamesha k liye chala gaya...bhagwaan ne use apne pass bula liya..shano ko jab pata laga toh uske hosh ud gaye aur use laga ki uski duniyaa lut gayi hai..ab kaun use pyar karega...?? aur kaun use ab khane ko dega...vo saari raat rota raha aur use ehsaas huya ki usne maali pe galat ilzaam lagaya tha...lekin ab vo wapas nahi aa sakti thi...vo dheere dheere kamjor hota jaa rha tha..aur ek din vo marr gaya.........
hain jitne tinke sharir mei mere,
pyar hai utna tumhare liye dil mei mere...

banaya tumne ek paudhe ko ped,
karke hazar jatano ko ek...

seench rahi ho apne is paudhe ko roz,
dekar apne pyar aur dulaar k beejo se roz..

maine ki gustaakhi kal jo,
na kabhi hogi fir se vo....

      kabhi na karna apne is kokh ke beej ko door,
     kyuki hoga tumhara bagicha mujhse hi bharpoor..

Friday, April 30, 2010

A kite with its thread...

Papa..I want to fly as  kite, kite of your dreams, kite of your love, kite of your proud.

12 am, 20 december...The very special day for me..yeah actually not special, its very important day of my life because my birth is related to this day as the thread with is kite. So, This the story of a kite and its thread.
Hey! people, we all know that every kite's thread wants to attach with its kite for the whole life. They want to fly together in any situation and want to achieve the highest pinnacle of the sky. They are attached to each other with thier emotions and feelings. Fly together and enjoy the most memorable moment of their life and the journey continues like many matches together of thier life.
"won!!" kite said with a great joy on her face.
"yes, We have done it again" thread said with so much proud.
Matches continues.........
and thier have won the whole sky
After 20 years...there was a match in the sky and this kite and thread wanted to go for the match but this time the enery level of thread has been low now, So he wants that his kite should get the another thread filled of extreme love and energy and don't want to fight for his kite this time, he now have lovely idea in his mind.
The sky was very beautiful that day and prepared with so many kites and thread in colourful sky, this day the kite was looking gorgeous and beautiful having so many dreams with her, she wanted to enter the sky now.
with same time thread had a look to her kite and finds the most lovable and caring thread for his cute kite and thinking about the golden future of his kite with that thread.
Now, the time has come, and the matches start in the sky..........................................................................
fighting!! fighting!! fighting!! fighting!! with another threads in the sky and in mean thread couldn't regain his energy and loose his kite and the kite flied away towards the another thread......
That thread called thread2 of her life who is caring, strong and lovable.

12 Am, 20 dec 2008, these thoughts came in my mind and i was thinking that day "the relation of kite and thread is quite strange!!"    because thread is you "papa"
kite is your "beti" and the thread2 is your "beti's life partner" and the most important day is "YOUR BIRTHDAY, yes!! this day is your birthday papa" HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You are my thread and I am your kite,
I can fly papa the whole night.
You know my whole is so bright,
as you always are with my side.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

mera aur aapka rishta....

My life and your love is connected to each other as the connection between moon and night, both are complete when they both are together,i love you papa..
rahega aapka sapna meri aankho tale,
chahe kyun na meri raatein aur din jale...

rahega aapka pyar mere dil k tale,
chahe meri dhadhkanoo to tej dhadkna pade...

rahege aapka vishwass meri saansoon tale,
chahe kyun na koi kurbaani mujhe deni pade...

rahega aapka aur mera saath mere aanchal tale,
chahe kyun na mujhe tej hawao se gujarna pade...